Cagliari Port 2020

CagliariPort2020 project aims to set up a system able to effectively deal with the critical integration of three main hubs of Cagliari: the metropolitan area, the industrial port, the historic port.

Logistic Model

Architectural design for the Port/Metropolitan area logistic model.

Port Community

Development of tools for the integration of all the systems and processes managed by the various actors of the Port Community.

Last Mile Platform

Development of an exchange platform for Last Mile operators.

Port - Airport

Analysis of tools for the management of the port-to-airport corridor and the interactions with the metropolitan areas.

Cruise port exchange platform

Development of a digital platform for supporting the local supply chain to meet the demand generated by the Cruise Port; suppliers are not only tourist operators, but also product suppliers and service providers based in Sardinia.

Port - Metropolitan area

Development of decision support tools for the management of all issues related to the interface between metropolitan area and the port system.

Cagliari: an ideal case

Cagliari is an ideal case for the development of mobility and logistics projects, a mid-sized city but with all the problems typical of a metropolitan area. It enables the development and test of complex solutions in the field of mobility management and logistics, which are difficult to apply in larger contexts