Nice Time In Cagliari, a platform to improve local marketing

Short description

One of the activities carried out for Cagliari Port 2020 project has the aim to design and develop a web platform to support local marketing, by allowing promoters of events or deals (such as tourist operators, traders, but also local institutions) to meet tourists, particularly those coming from cruise ships docking at the port of Cagliari. The users of this platform can be:

Commercial operators (such as, tourist operators, shop owners, hoteliers, caterers, and so on) can use ‘Nice Time in Cagliari’ to publish web pages promoting their activities. Each commercial operator can also use the platform to promote particular deals, sales, events. All these promotions will be result linked to the specific commercial operator who created them. So the content managed through the platform is made of pages related to operators (called activities in the platform) and a list of offers and deals related to them.

Similarly to commercial operators, also local institutions can sign up to the platform in order to provide tourists with information about cultural events and festivals in the area.

All the contents added by commercial operators and local institutions will be available to tourists from the application through search by category, event, day and time, cruise ship, etc.

Also not registered tourists can make a search of content, but only registered tourists can manage some further feature such as wish-list.

A further kind of end user is obviously the platform administrator who manage all the services and contents.