Last Mile Platform

Routing tools for commercial traffic are relevant in order to overcome the capacity problems of road infrastructures related to the port system.
The transport organisation strongly depends on the ability of operators to acquire promptly and in a reliable way the correct information on available transport resources and to plan and schedule their optimal use.
The goal in CagliariPort2020 is to set-up a brokerage platform for last mile operators, in order to make available in real time all data required to optimise the processes of transport and delivery of goods, with a focus on reducing the mileage, on the rationalisation of routes for deliveries, and on the seamless access to the logistic nodes.
This platform can be mainly schematised in two layers: the movement of cargos inside the Industrial Port of Cagliari, and the cargo transport inside and outside the port.

The two steps are complementary: the cargo management inside the port is extremely important, as a correct and efficient movement mechanism has its repercussions on the overall transport optimization outside the port, involving costs and delivery time reduction.