Cruise port exchange platform

In CagliariPort2020 framework one of the core activities is the development of supporting tools for the management of expected passenger flows, both from the point of view of mobility and of the impact of tourism and local port activities.
The management of passenger flows is strongly related to flows generated by the activation of the Home Port and connected Interport services and, partly, to the stationing of large yachts in the historic port.


The platform is aimed at:
– maximising the economic development opportunities connected to the Cruise Port;
– improve visibility and accessibility of the local touristic offer in terms of services, products and events.

The objective is to develop a set of application layers for:

  • forecasting and management of local passenger/cruise passenger flows between port, airport and metropolitan area;
  • supporting the local supply chain (product suppliers and service providers based in Sardinia) to meet the demand generated by the Cruise Port;
  • effectively support the local tourist services providing an interface between supply and demand (tourists such as cruise passengers);
  • dynamic building of personalized cultural tourism paths within the time available, through mobile devices.